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  1. katiemirmo Jan 02, 2010

    can I join?

  2. Aiira Aug 03, 2009

    the group is dying, not any member nor an admin is active.

    merged: 08-28-2009 ~ 08:39pm
    PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP! The group will be deleted by the moderators as soon as bugs within MT is gone. thank you for understanding

  3. phoenixmiko Jun 03, 2009

    Hey! I've just joined and I thought I'd post here and say how much I love the layout of the club's page. It looks really cool and is very appropriate since it is summer now!

  4. MoonangelTsubasA Mar 14, 2009

    Hiya is it ok if I join?

    merged: 03-14-2009 ~ 08:18pm
    Im a member now :)

  5. lovesweetness16 Jan 20, 2009

    i love this layout! :nya:

  6. Aiira Dec 23, 2008

    Hi there everyone

  7. IzumiChan Dec 21, 2008

    Happy holidays, everyone! :D

  8. vendredi01 Banned Member Oct 25, 2008

    mermaid melody was the best show ever made.

  9. selemental Banned Member Sep 30, 2008

    Long time no see! I finally have the time to actually download some episodes!
    Anyone has an idea of where I could go to do so (for free)
    contact me. lol

  10. cherryblossomhikari Sep 14, 2008

    hi everyone one more member has come

    merged: 09-23-2008 ~ 04:47am
    hi guys

  11. meanpunk7777 Aug 28, 2008

    yay anime peopole!

  12. IzumiChan Aug 07, 2008

    Waaa, the new layout looks great~ :D
    It's a pity Hippo's so small, we can barely see him~ >w<
    I'm going to make a group banner for the contest, is it ok? >u<

  13. xxKurumi Aug 02, 2008

    Ah, I finally made a contribution to the MMPPP category . Just a simple Sara wallpaper, and the link to my vector is in the summary.

    Carry Through by xxKurumi

  14. sakurashaoran123 Jul 17, 2008

    I love this series! its sooo good! the othr day i sent fan mail to the author! i plan to come here often! great page btw~! =] =] =] <333

    merged: 07-23-2008 ~ 11:28pm
    great page! luv it! i dnt c how u this can b the only mermaid mlody group! i luv itt!

  15. moonelf313 Jun 26, 2008

    Hello everyone! Hope all is well! I actually submitted a wall! >.< I hope you all enjoy! I hope it doesn't get deleted this took me forever...

    Mermaids at the Beach

  16. Aiira Apr 30, 2008


  17. sakuraclyne Apr 20, 2008

    Hello! I saw that no one is posting in the Guestbook, so I'll post anything^^. Hehehe, btw can someone tell me how to create groups?

    merged: 04-26-2008 ~ 05:01pm
    Hello the-mermaid-princesses^^ Mind to affliate anime-love-couples? I'll send PM later but I'll post in guestbook first^^

  18. Aiira Apr 18, 2008

    Hello everyone..I am just dropping by to welcome our newest member
    Thank you for joining us ^^

  19. sakuraclyne Apr 16, 2008

    Hello^_^ Finally I saw a group about the Mermaid Melody princesses. I already joined and I hope all of you would accept me.

  20. Aiira Apr 14, 2008

    Hello there everyone..
    I am just dropping by to

    Thank you for joining us ^^

  21. zaira Apr 08, 2008

    hello there! i want to affiliated this group tp my latest group
    SOUL-EATER-SHIBUSEN soul-eater-shibusen
    i hope we can be affied! ;)
    and if you guys interested come and check out the group! :D

  22. Aiira Mar 19, 2008

    hello everyone..I see no one is signing the group's guestbook..I guess everyone is busy..hehe..

    anyways I came by to give a [B]VERY BIG WELCOME TO MY FRIEND KRISSEH

    Thank you for joining us ^^

  23. IzumiChan Mar 02, 2008

    The new layout is great~ congrats, Haven~ :D
    Just found out the Luchia/hanon/Rina trio was born in the same year as me... lol~ xDDD

  24. Aiira Feb 20, 2008

    hi's me again..I just want to say..

    and on behalf of all the admins in here..WE WELCOME YOU..AND HOPE YOUI ENJOY YOUR STAY..


    merged: 02-25-2008 ~ 06:58am
    hello there to all the members of The Mermaid Princesses I have just made a new please join

    Magic Knight
    and we hope that you will join us so you can remember the anime you once enjoyed and loved...


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